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a partner in European warehousing, logistics, service and support, dedicated to the Musical Instrument, Pro Audio and Event industry?

How many manufacturers would like to make use of a European distribution and/or service center, but can’t afford one themselves? We’re not talking about a generic third-party logistics partner, because there’s no added value there. The big advantage is in adding local time zone customer service and warranty processing, order entry, inventory management, customs brokerage, (bonded or non-bonded) warehousing, logistics and freight forwarding, at a reasonable cost, including full understanding of the specific needs and necessities of our industry.

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Why would you need these services?

There are many reasons why a European warehouse and a local technical service division can be beneficial for your company, serving distributors and retailers/resellers alike:


  • Smart logistics not only saves money and time, but also adds value
  • Strengthen your logistics operation and help you market your products better
  • Value Added Logistics helps you with the constantly increasing demands that your customers place on your products


  • Increasing product availability to all European markets by keeping strategic inventory-levels of both fast- and slow-moving products in a central European hub
  • Shorten your customer order cycle time to increase sales throughput
  • Having a local time zone order taking and stock checking option


  • Warranty and return center
  • Offering easier and faster access to spare parts
  • Having a knowledge base to offer product and customer support daily in the European time-zone (pre and after sales)

As a result, you are able to focus on your core business and you can serve your customers in the best possible way.

Why should you choose ETS Logistics?

Your company and products are unique and so are we. ETS Logistics has a long history in the Musical Instrument and Pro Audio industry.

Based on this heritage and our culture, our highly motivated team has a high level of accumulated knowledge and experience and can operate in an agile and flexible way, with a pragmatic, no-nonsense attitude. We like to keep things simple, straight forward and practical.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our involvement. We do not limit ourselves to perfecting your logistics or other services, but we want to be a natural extension of your company. Customizing our services to your needs by being always flexible, scalable, versatile and innovative. At ETS logistics there is a lot of specialized knowledge and experience which we’d love to share with you in a constructive cooperation.

We are located in the Netherlands, near the Amsterdam airport, the second largest airport in Europe, and less than 40 miles from the largest European harbor, Rotterdam, securing fast and convenient logistics throughout Europe and beyond.

In principal there are no limitations to which territories can be served. ETS Logistics is officially AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) certified, including all requirements and assurances. Your inventory is safe and secure.

We want to be your partner and we can be the missing link in your European Supply Chain Management and so much more. ETS Logistics offers the total solution!

What services can ETS Logistics offer?

Value Added Logistics (VAL):

  • Warehousing: private bonded and non-bonded warehousing on the European mainland
  • Fulfillment: order processing, cross-docking, detail picking, packaging, sealing and labeling (all on parcel and/or pallet level, including small quantities and/or deviating forms)
  • Special: handling returns and repairs, assembly of semi-finished products to end product, modification, software updates, testing, quality control, refurbishment, repackaging, re-labeling and sticker sealing
  • Marketing: adding marketing material like flyers, brochures or merchandise, gift packing, build and fill displays
  • Freight forwarding toward your desired territory.
  • Inventory management
  • Real time 24/7 insight into your stock and orders. You are in control!

Customs brokerage:

  • Custom clearance for import, export and transit
  • Preparation of export documents and T-documents
  • Any additional trade documents
  • Customs advice

Limited Fiscal Representative (LFR), also known as Limited Tax Representative:

  • Accounting/financial administration
  • Defer duties and VAT obligations

Customer Service:

  • Local time zone order taking
  • Local time zone support (pre and after sales)

Technical service:

  • Repair
  • Warranty
  • Spare parts
  • RMA-portal

Additionally, we can help you with:

  • Temporary storage
  • European Authorized Representative (EAR), also called Compliance Representative
  • Spare parts
  • Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

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